Zach in all his majesty.

I took my camera (Fuji Xpro-1) to Joshua and Stacey English’s Wedding last Thursday. Thinking to myself that I’ll take a couple of shots of my friends, just for me. I ended up taking quite a few candids of the guests and after working with the photos in post…I wish I would have taken a 1000 more.  

My good friend Greg is a very talented musician. He’s been chasing his dreams for as long was I’ve known him. I know he won’t have to chase them for much longer. If you need proof of that, listen to his newest single and if you have the money, support a dreamer.

It was amazing to see them play live. I’ve had their album Champ on my iPod since the day it came out and it’s still on there whilst everything thing else has come and gone. I’m enjoying their new album Forcefield as well, but seeing them live topped it all. It was surreal. I took over 900 photos, had a couple of beers, and I can say it was one of the best ways I’ve ever spent an evening. If you get a chance, listen their music, see them live, it’s worth it.

If you’ve ever shot with a Fuji X-series camera, you’ll know how hard it is to use a color version after seeing the B&W edit. So here is a complete B&W set from the Tokyo Police Club show at the Lincoln Theatre.

The Dark Master of Making Messes.

If it weren’t for this jerk, I’d get more work done, but I wouldn’t be nearly as happy or riddled with allergies.

Here’s the full photo shoot of Elijah Ott of the Nick Driver Band. I had a blast shooting with Elijah, he’s a real cool guy. I’m looking forward to doing more sets like these with different models or local musicians when the weather gets nicer.

We probably had too much fun shooting these photos. This is Elijah Ott of The Nick Driver Band.

I was editing these photos of Elijah Ott when I noticed a pattern.

If you come over to my house, I’m going to take photos of you.

Kurtzweil played at the Deep South last Saturday night. Real nice music by real nice folks. Check them out on Facebook and their Bandcamp page.